5 Reasons Why Attars Are Better Than Perfumes

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Written by Shreeya Deshpande

June 29, 2021

Who doesn’t like a beautiful fragrance? However, with so many fragrances available in the market, it’s quite difficult to make a choice nowadays. They range from body mist, an EDT to perfume and attars. When you’re looking for a more long-lasting smell, generally the choice narrows down between an attar and perfume. 

While perfumes dominate the world of fragrances today, attars have been a part of long-standing tradition. Attars, also known as ittr, not only depict royalty but also hold a natural and strong aromatic smell.

So, what makes attars better than perfumes? Let’s find out.

1. Attars are Natural Perfume Oils

Attars are also known as perfume oil because they are mostly essential oils made from exotic flowers, wood, resins, and even spices. Perfumes contain alcohol most of the time which makes them harmful to use on our body. Attars do not contain alcohol which makes them skin-friendly and safe to use.

2. Attars Enhance Your Mood

Your favorite scents have a great impact on your brain. They can instantly change your mood and lower your stress levels. When you open a bottle of attar, a sweet fragrance freshens up your senses and also of those around you. There are so many varieties of attar including Oudh, sandalwood, mogra, desi Gulab, and many more for you to pick up. While most of the perfumes, on the other hand, have added chemicals that can be allergic and irritate our sense of smell.

3. Attars Last Longer

As attars are more concentrated than perfumes, they last much longer. Perfumes are in the form of spray which makes them evaporate faster. Attars are oil-based perfumes so they can be directly applied to the body. They just need a dab and you’re to go!

4. Attars Are More Affordable

Attars, most of them, are quite affordable than overpriced luxury perfumes. For a more affordable price range, you get a natural, rich, long-lasting aromatic attar. However, getting a more high-quality attar can be expensive too. With genuine ingredients and natural ingredients, these attars offer value for money. Luxury perfumes, on the other hand, could cost you a lot more and you would be paying for just a fancy brand name.

5. Attars Are Eco-Friendly

When compared to perfumes, attars are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Because of the presence of chemicals in general, you cannot mix perfume with water or air as they will pollute it.

As we have seen, attars are premium and extremely long-lasting fragrances. So, what’s stopping you from embracing these products?

We, at Olive Route, believe Attars are a signature of luxury and premium fragrance. We provide a wide range of fragrances for you to pick from. Our Attars are free from alcohol and halal certified products

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