Our Purpose

We at Olive Route believe that our purpose is to connect people with Products, Services, Cuisines that are Ethical, of high quality, Halaal and Healthy for improving their lifestyle, today and tomorrow.


We believe in doing E-Commerce Business with Ethics.



Close to “Nature” Products

With Us, Say NO to Antibiotics, GMO and Hormones

Organic Food

 Artificial Ingredients | Nature’s Fruit – Your meal 

Shades of Nature

Cosmetics with no harm to You And Your loved ones

Safe and Decent Vacation

Be Relaxed
 on your Vacations And freshen up your soul!


Look no further

At Olive Route, we take a better Route which cares and Respects people and our environment. Respects all people from all walks of life and value each one of us and that’s why Olive Route where Modern meets the Nature, where artificial is out, where safety is priority and all that only to showcase our commitment & respect to each one of us.

While we take the modern route of doing the business the E-Commerce & App way but we commit ourselves to ensure that you are closest to nature and have full clarity on what you buy; you don’t need to focus on any “fine Prints” and hidden asterisks (*) making things simpler; we ensure you are not confused about what you are buying and trust every purchase of yours.

We take it on ourselves that we will continuously strive to reduce impact on this beloved earth and that’s why we are committed to source majorly from family-owned farms that raising animals with compassionate care; from SMEs that are particular about what they commit, and quality checks are stringent; from MNCs that are committed to Social Responsibilities

Let’s together consciously make an effort to make this world a better place for generations to come.
Let’s Pledge to deal in Organic, Anti-biotic free, Chemical free, Close to nature Products and Services



Own a “Better Route”

All Nature, Vegans, Halaal & Nutrition lovers;
All Health, modernity, spirituality lovers

People who dislike imbalances, Artificial, and Unknown Chemicals are our Business Partners and Consumers;

And are part of journey of Olive Route. They Own a Better Route.

So, whether you have a liking for Chemical-free Cosmetics
Relish Healthy, Wholesome, Halaal Food & Drinks
Your child has an urge for some tasty candies like our childhoods
You’d love to take a plunge into relaxed, Peaceful vacation where fun meets decency… 

Download your one-stop e-commerce “Olive Route” App today or visit us on www.olive-route.in

Olive Route is committed to

Providing Safe, Wholesome,  Close to Natures, Halaal and modern Products and Services that not only are Fun but also Real