Cooking Crispy Fried Onions? Here Are Some Facts You Should Know About!

cutting onions

Written by Shreeya Deshpande

June 1, 2021

cutting onions

Who doesn’t like crispy fried onions? Whether it is pulav, biryani, or curry, fried onions make the food lip-smacking delicious! They are the basis of all Indian cooking and Mediterranean cooking. Mastering it would mean mastering the core of cooking.

Here are some facts you should know about crispy fried onions.

Where are Crispy Fried onions used?

Well, fried onions are the most used ingredient in South-Asian cooking. Here’s where they are used,

  • For adding flavor to the Pulav and Biryani.
  • You can use them in curries.
  • As a garnishing for dals and haleem.
  • And pretty much as a topping in everything ranging from soups, sandwiches, noodles, Thai, Asian and American recipes!

What are the different types of fried onions?

There are different levels of fried onions depending on what dish you’re using it to cook for.

  • Light-colored – Not crispy. Mainly used for omelets.
  • Light golden color – Not crispy. Mostly used in international cooking for vegetable curries.
  • Light golden brown color- Slightly crispy and is used in marinations, rice, and curries.
  • Golden brown – These are very crispy and serve as a masala base, for layering and can be stored for a long.

How do you keep them crispy?

The thinly-sliced crispy fried onions or birista are pleasantly flavorful and add a crunch to every dish they are used in. They give an aromatic, sweet, and smokey taste to every recipe.

However to maintain that crispness, always remember to add onions to a high heated oil. The oil need not be boiling but should be warm. Keep frying your onions at high heat.

How do you store the golden fried onions?

To store your fried onions, all you need is an airtight container. Just store your golden brown onions and freeze this container in your freezer. Use them whenever you need to. That’s easy, right?

We have solved the most consuming task!

Frying onions is the most consuming task as well. It is considered as tedious as making roti in Indian cooking. Don’t worry. We got you!

Olyf Shahi Birista

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Save your time and tears while frying onions with Olyf Shahi Birista!

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