Importance of Certification in India Market

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January 31, 2020

At the outset, let us share 2 opposite scenarios here, Scenario 1 – whereby the user’s “Brand consciousness” becomes his or her determining factor to drive his / her inclination to purchase a certain product or service and not certification. And in  scenario 2 where only the “Price” determines the inclination to buy a certain product & not Certification.

In both the scenarios, the consumer if simply driven by those factors may end up at least with a sub-standard Product or service, if not exploited by market. We say this as many a times, we consumers tend to ignore the value that various certifications bring to the Brand. Certifications be it GMP, FSSAI or Halal bring authenticity to their related back-end processes – be it manufacturing or marketing arena.


Compare this with an Organization or Brand Entity like Olive Route that ensures manufacturers and service Providers have Certified manufacturing practices, storage and Supply chain practices in place. This ensures Quality at each stage of life cycle of Product or Services. Right Certifications can enhance customer experience by allowing consumers to purchase “Quality goods” for the right price. And it also always becomes a compelling factor for manufacturers or service providers to provide the best quality at all times.


Many organizations take proactive measures to get the processes certified and deploy best practices in their methods however its also part of consumer’s responsibility (us) to educate ourselves about various certifications related to Product Manufacturing, Marketing or Services related practices. This keeps us updated of our rights, Quality assurance mechanism and helps make informed decisions about Products and services.


Many a times it is assumed that Certification of Brand like Olyf, Product or services simply means knowing what’s there in the Product or services?  Generally, that’s not true and its not limited to that. Certification could also take in scope safety aspects of new technologies like Genetically Modified (GM) food, food labeling, chemical ingredients in Cosmetic products etc. It may also include Manufacturing Practices and certifications like GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)  showcase the strength and standards in Manufacturing Practices.  ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Focuses on Standardization of Process and provides guidelines around Quality Management System.  Similarly Halal Certification even looks at Technical, Regulatory and Compliance to Islamic practices which disallows Alcoholic, Pork or any other Harmful contents that can have ill-effects on Human being.


Consumers have the right to know methodology of the product preparation be it Safety or Quality related. We should check whether the product we intend to use has been tested on animals or not. Consumers should be informed if environmentally-sound techniques and resources have been used in its production processes. Similarly, user should be made aware of kinds of chemicals that have been used into products manufacturing possible impact on human health. Certifications do simplify verify these things for us and help us easily add products to cart by recognizing certifications symbols. Thus symbols of ISO, GMP, Halal, HCCAP build the confidence of Consumers in Products and Services that go in for certifications. Olive Route firmly believes in Quality and Safety measures.

Olyf Brand has firmly ensured that our Products are ISOGMPFSSAI and Halal Certified as may be the need. For e.g. our Honey Soap is all natural and GMP certified.

While Market places on giants like,, or will have thousands and thousands of suppliers and manufacturers but do we consumers check how many are certified be it ISO or Halal. Its an important aspect, we must trust brands with certification more than one without certification.

Certification should be one of the key criteria for us consumers to help us choose the right product.

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