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January 31, 2020

We humans are grossly wasting our natural resources like energy , our raw material resources and all other precious resources as if these are infinitely available to us. The damage to quantity and quality of the natural resources is such that we have ended up doing some irreparable damage to our beloved Earth. The choices we face are difficult and, in some cases, unmanageable. To minimize the damage any further, Human race may even face the prospect of changing our basic ways of living. This change will either be made on our own initiative in a planned and rational way or forced on us with chaos and suffering by the inexorable laws of nature.

It is imperative for all of us to come together to create a sustainable lifestyle that takes a lifelong commitment – to 3 E’s – Educating, Experimenting, Exploring. We must commit to increasingly move towards sustainable practices and establish them as norms. Let’s face the challenges without Fear of Unknown and take more purposeful approach of loving our Home – The Earth.

We can keep talking about all the frightening news about what’s going wrong with our Earth. Beyond the frustrating news and politics around it; we must ask ourselves one question – how do we want to live and lead our life? With the option of fear – or with love? The fear route if taken, it would make us feel defeated, helpless and frustrated. The love route, on the other hand, feels grounded, hopeful and above everything else Purposeful. This will also take us close to Earth, Nature and all that is Safe for Human and their future.
At the end of the day, we want to leave a better world in the hands of Future Generations for sustainability of Human life.

All Major religions have a common element in their very foundation and their Teachings. Do unto all men as you would wish to have done unto you; and reject for others what you would reject for yourselves. Same applies for Nature, we must do things that are not just rewarding for Human race but also rewarding for Nature, Natural habitat and all that exists there.

Today, the choices of we make, be it Clothes, Phones, Food or Cosmetics has a direct impact on what is being made for us? It impacts how it is made to reach us, its usage and how it is disposed off after usage. All these choices impact not only the commercial ecosystem, Human being but also Nature. We are so commercialized that we seldom realize how we’re impacting all the things around us.

Let’s take informed decisions in our unending choices so we minimize the impact on others and on Nature.

All of us live in a globalized, profit-centric world, and truly speaking it’s difficult to imagine the numbers impacted by our choices are astounding. If we do an analysis of life cycle of aluminum cans, animal testing, plastic, harmful chemicals, etc., we’d realize that at every stage in the life cycle of these, humans, animals and plants are negatively impacted. Whether that happens through destruction of habitat; exposure to land, air and water pollutants and, for humans, potentially low wages and unsafe working conditions.

In all, the production of these things can require different types of raw or processed materials and creates different types of pollutants. This creates misery for people who are impacted, nature and co-habitats, the animals.
The Route of Love for Nature, Earth and People around us will help us make better choices which would make us more hopeful, bring us closer to Nature and Make things sustainable for generations to come.

Our intent should be to take informed steps to take GREEN Route, this should persuade us to make more environmentally friendly decisions with a theme based on “reduce, reuse and recycle.”

The Green Route
Let’s minimize and/or contain the damage we human beings have done so far; and make choices to live life that is environmentally responsible. Let’s make choices that will help preserve earth and its non-renewable resources instead of destroying them.

By Consuming natural, organic, halal, locally produced foods, you save on carbon emissions, limit the use of dangerous pesticides and have a healthier meal. Focusing on GREEN means we also consider other consumables like Cosmetics that we use, furniture we use, the Crops we produce, the Chicken we eat, the vegetables we grow and Consume. Let’s focus on making all these safe for our consumption, safe for environment and safe for planet Earth.

Let’s avoid Harmful Chemicals, Preservatives, Harmful Methods, Harmful and unethical manufacturing practices. Let’s Pledge to go Natural or at least start to think to go natural! And let’s act now to show and Mean that “We care!”


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