At Olive Route we started with a core belief that we must make efforts in making accessible to all

Food that is global standards, safe and right out of the natures basket,

Products that are close to human senses and yet not intrusive

Services & Hospitality that keeps the purposes of culture and Spirituality intact and awake

And all this inspires human being to be able to connect across diverse cultures beyond barriers of language, religion or geographies.

Just like for millions of us the word “Mother” has the same sense of emotional effect irrespective of cultural, linguistic and regional diversities, we wish to bring in same level of sense of happiness, ease and contentment of experiencing Cuisines, Products and services that are safe, Healthy, Halaal and of High standards; across the globe.

Our founding Team at Olive Route, even before its inception was involved with creating an ecosystem in F&B domain that would finally lead to Organic, Non-Antibiotic and Non-GMO produce to ensure Human priorities on Health are not compromised.

With this intent at the core, taking a few steps further, we started to integrate the business units which were stand alone in nature and tried to harmonize the business lines to ensure continuity of our vision in Creating premium quality Products, Services be it in F&B, Cosmetics, Pharma, Tourism or something else while ensuring its easily accessible and doesn’t at any cost compromise on Human experiences and fulfillment. And, that the goodness of these are equally good for the environment, better for the farmers / producers / manufacturers, better for the animals, better in taste – and most of all, being better for human health.

The founding team at Olive Route envisioned the importance of building a rich and appealing brand that would not only serve as a global successor to modern day technology driven trade but also that is very close to human senses, spirituality and emotions; that is based on the joy of discovering international flavors of variety of cuisines, Products that not only meet the needs but are harmless and extension of human feelings; and services that enrich your cultural & spiritual self without any compromises on the Quality and Global standards.

We have successfully integrated our earlier offerings not only in F&B but also ensured we strengthen the Products, Services and Culinary portfolios. We are now a one-stop E-commerce portal and App based company that can provide fastest and seamless services to growing demand. We intend to further strengthen our portfolios in the domains to ensure we cater to End to end requirements in F&B, Products (Pharma, Cosmetics, Household stuff) and Services like Tourism, Edutainment, Toys etc. which are for “Human use”, Safe, wholesome, Halaal and enjoyable.

At Olive Route, our team strives uncompromisingly for all this while still maintaining our highest quality standards as we move ahead on this partnership with our Business partners, Suppliers, Farmers and Consumers. We assure zero Compromise towards maintaining our quality, Excellence and Customer Service.

Goodness of things inspire us at Olive Route to serve Businesses and Human better, today and tomorrow