Olyf Shahi Birista Crispy Fried Onions, 100% Natural & Veg, Vegetable Oil, 900gms

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  • Non Coated Fried Onions – No Flour or Starch is added to the Fried Onions. Our Ingredients are just Fresh Raw Onions made in Vegetable Oil. Just Like Made at Home !
  • 100 % Natural Product – Made with Real NON GMO Onions ; 100% Veg
  • Fried in Cholesterol free Vegetable Oil
  • Saves Time While Cooking – Crispy & Crunchy ; Great Taste & Aroma
  • NO Salt & No Preservatives Added

Rs. 449

Olyf Shahi Birista Crispy Fried Onions, 100% Natural & Veg, Vegetable Oil, 900gms

Product Description

Say no to tears while cooking with Olyf Shahi Birista non-coated fried onions. The golden brown onion flakes are ready-to-cook and garnish on a variety of dishes. Made in healthy edible oil, it is a 100% vegan product with no added salt, flour or preservatives. The flakes offer a great aroma and taste in gravy and garnishing. Store in an airtight container at room temperature to retain its wholesome quality!

Non Coated Onion Flakes

100% Vegan Fried Onions

No Added Preservatives

Non-Coated Onion Flakes

Olyf Shahi Birista is only fried onions without any flour coating, salt or artificial preservatives. It does not taste like fritters or any other fried snack

100% Vegan

Vegetarians and vegans can also consume this item without worrying about its composition. Olyf Birista goes with all kinds of vegetarian Indian and Chinese dishes.

No Added Preservatives

Preservatives of any kind are not a part of the food item. It is fried in high-quality vegetable oil in a crispy formation to ensure its longevity.

useful as garnish & gravy

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crunchy fried onions

Useful As Garnish & Gravy

These onion flakes are perfect for garnishing in Biryani, Haleem, Korma and other dishes. Also, cooking it with curries and other gravies also gives out the tasty flavour of onions.

One-Year Shelf Life

Olyf Birista has a one-year shelf life if stored properly in an airtight container. Keep it at room temperature as there is no requirement of refrigerating it

Food-Grade Aluminium Foil Packaging

The aluminium foil packaging of Olyf Birista is what keeps the onion flakes fresh and crispy. It is best for nine months after opening the packet.

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Convenient Usage

The onion flakes are easy to use and eliminate the hassle of spending time and tears while chopping the onions.

Gluten-Free & Halal Certified

There is no flour added or coated on the onions. The product is gluten-free and halal, so everyone can use it.

Homemade Quality

The taste, aroma and quality of Olyf Birista feel just like homemade flakes as there is no added preservatives or flavours.

Additional Information

Olyf Shahi Birista Crispy Fried Onions, 100% Natural & Veg, Vegetable Oil, 900gms

2 reviews for Olyf Shahi Birista Crispy Fried Onions, 100% Natural & Veg, Vegetable Oil, 900gms

  1. Zubin

    Fantastic product, very flavorful, color and crispness was flawless.
    Packing in a firm box or container will reduce the flakes from breaking. Saves oil ,time ,money and a messy kitchen.
    Total value for money.

  2. khalid.oliveroute

    Nice flavour. The onions are sweet and nicely caramelised- I often sneak in some just as a snack.
    Since the pack is huge, I store in the freezer and the flavour is intact even after months.
    Some of the other birista taste like dehydrated onions, but this tastes like fried onions should taste like.

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