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Olyf Active Floor Cleaner, 500ml

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Olyf Active Floor Cleaner is a strong acting cleaner using safe active ingredient It is a combination of soap, deodorant and stain remover.

It removes greasiness and tough stains to ensure clean floor. Floor Cleaner is highly effective in keeping hygiene and fight germs.

Regular use assists in prolonging the life of floor by removing surface contaminants and abrasive particles. It can be used on marbles, granites, walls, bathroom floor and sanitary area. It maintains the glow and shining of the floor and makes floor Odour free.

Packaging thats ergonomically great. Cost effective and high efficacy.

Method of Usage: Pour 20 ml or 2 cap full of active floor cleaner to a Mop Bucket or basis your usage & experience. Mop the floor and let it dry. 


ISO Certified | Safe | Halal Certified