Top 7 Surprising Uses and Benefits of Honey

Top 7 Surprising Uses and Benefits of Honey

Written by Shreeya Deshpande

May 3, 2021

Often called as yellow gold, honey offers many health and beauty benefits. Honey is nature’s greatest gift used as a home remedy for thousands of years.

Honey is very high in beneficial plant compounds. Being a natural sweetener, honey can be used instead of refined sugar.

Here are the top 7 surprising benefits of honey.

Top 7 Surprising Uses and Benefits of Honey


1. Improves immune system

Honey is known as one of the best foods for boosting immunity. According to doctors, if honey is consumed daily it can help improve your immune system. A quick tip to boost your immunity would be consuming Olyf Raw Honey every morning on an empty stomach or before breakfast. Honey is an excellent source of energy.

2. Best for your Skin

Honey, being loaded with anti-oxidants, is excellent for your skin. If you have dry skin, Honey is the best natural moisturizer for you. Honey also helps in fighting acne with its anti-bacterial properties. In winters, honey can be used for cracked lips. Honey provides nourishment to your skin and makes it soft and smooth.

3. Natural home remedy for cough and cold

Honey is known for its various medicinal properties. Honey helps in fighting many infections caused by bacteria, viruses. It is one of the best natural remedies for cough and cold. A tablespoon of Olyf Raw Honey can cure irritation in your throat.

4. Natural Antiseptic

Being a natural antiseptic, honey provides relief to cuts, wounds, and bruises. Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It can be used effectively to cure wounds. Honey destroys all the bacteria that can penetrate the wound site providing relief.

5. Boosts memory and concentration

Do you want to improve your focus in your studies? Honey can help you do that as well! Consuming honey every day can help improve your focus and boost your memory in long run. It helps you keep your mind and body healthy. Honey is rich in anti-oxidants improves blood circulation to the brain. It soothes your mind making it calm.

6. Natural sweetener

Using refined sugar in your diet can cause harm to your health. Honey being a natural sweetener and having numerous health benefits can be a great replacement for refined sugar. Honey being a natural source of energy gives you a quick boost during workouts. It can help you feel energized for longer durations.

7. Helps in weight loss

Due to the high intake of processed food, most people struggle to lose weight in this modern lifestyle. Having honey first thing in the morning helps increase metabolism effectively to manage weight. Honey helps you to even lose weight while you sleep. Before sleeping has a tablespoon of Olyf Honey to lose those extra kgs.

After knowing the benefits of honey next important question that arises is which honey is perfect for consumption? We got you covered!  Olyf Natural Honey is natural, safe, and halal certified.

You can feel the nature in every drop of Olyf Raw Honey. It is never heated, strained not filtered. Olyf Honey is a great energizer for athletes and natural food for children.

Choose Olyf Natural Raw Honey for healthy lifestyle!

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